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Great Links for Lyricists & Songwriters

Songwriters Resource Network — Top website for songwriters & song lyricists
National Music Publishers' Association — Top song & music publishers
PAT PATTISON — A great songwriter and educator, Pat has authored several outstanding books on songwriting. His books can be ordered at his website
TAXI The Independent A & R Vehiclefor songwriters and composers
STEVE SESKIN — Brilliant songwriter and wonderful performing artist
JOHN BRAHENY — Noted songwriting consultant and author — Excellent educational opportunities for aspiring songwriters!
MUSE'S MUSE — Tips and information for songwriters and lyricists
MICHAEL ANDERSON — Exceptional songwriter & recording artist
HARRIET SCHOCK — A wonderful songwriter and songwriting consultant. Her remarkable music can be ordered at her website
Iowa Homegrown Music — BMI affiliated Music Publishing House
PAT & PETE LUBOFF — Great songwriters. Great educators. Their books can be ordered from their website
FILM MUSIC NETWORK — Professional organization for film & television music
PAUL OVERSTREET — One of Nashville's finest songwriters
MUSICIANS' EXCHANGE — Jake Sibley's excellent & informative website
MERLE HAGGARD — Legendary country artist and songwriter
BandRadio — This is a great site for unsigned bands & indie groups
SONGWRITERS DIRECTORY— Comprensive site with tons of songwriter info
O'Neill Brothers — Brothers on two pianos. Over 1,000,000 of their CD's sold
HERB McCULLOUGH — Visit this veteran Nashville songwriter's new website
KWEEVAK.COM — Music promotion services and classic rock mp3 downloads
JEFF MALLETT'S Songwriter Site — Once-great site badly needs updating
KISMANA MUSIC — Good website for Australian songwriters & artists
songrut songwriting — New blog site for songwriters and lyricists!
Li'l Hank's Guide For Songwriters — Lots of good information for songwriters.
INTERNATIONAL SONGWRITERS ASSOCIATION —The ISA, founded in 1967, represents songwriters in Ireland and throughout the world.
Addicted To Songwriting — Lots of good information for songwriters!
GARY TALLEY — Teacher, musician and veteran songwriter
SONGREPAIR.COM — Songwriter development service in Nashville, Tenn.
Back at the Ranch Studio— Texas' oldest and largest Christian recording studio.
ezFolk — Great site for guitar & banjo players, especially folk & bluegrass styles.
Pig Factory —Music Production and management services.
Gotham Writers' Workshop — Creative writing classes for all kinds of
writers, from fiction to screenplay writing to songwriting

Music Gear Review — Ratings & reviews on gear for musicians and songwriters!
MUSICIANS CONTACT — Primary source of employment for musicians nationwide
Dallas Songwriters Association — Texas songwriter organization — Informative folk and acoustic music website
Songs of Praise — Original Christian music, songwriting and art.
LYRICPRO — Interesting software program designed to help songwriters

Virtual Sheet Music — Classical sheet music downloads
Conrad Productions — Music production for composers & musicians
Saskatchewan Recording Industry Association -- A top Canadian site

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