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"The Craft And Business of Songwriting"
by John Braheny
Writer's Digest Books

This revised edition contains additions to the original, including new information on radio formats, marketing strategies, song publishing, song contracts, independent song-pluggers and online opportunities for songwriters.


"Your First Cut: A Step-By-Step Guide To Getting There"
by Jerry Vandiver & Gracie Hollombe
11/22 Publishing

"An excellent, hands-on book for songwriters. One of the most original and helpful books on songwriting I have ever read. Highly recommended." -- Paul Corbin, Vice President, Writer/Publisher Relations, BMI-Nashville


"The Art of Writing Great Lyrics"
By Pamela Phillips Oland

Published by Allworth Press

ďA prolific songwriter whose lyrics have been recorded by such notables as Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin and Frank Sinatra, Pamela Phillips Oland speaks from 20 years of experience. This excellent book examines all the aspects of the songwriting craft."
-- Library Journal


"becoming remarkable"
by Harriet Schock
Blue Dolphin Publishing

"If youíre looking for a book that give specifics on craft, reality checks on the music business, and profuse, real-life examples of what a song is, and how to write one that flows from your mind and speaks from your heart, becoming remarkable is your ticket to ride." -- American Songwriter Magazine


"88 Songwriting Wrongs and How to Right Them" & "12 Steps to Building Better Songs"
By Pat & Pete Luboff

From the famous songwriting team of Pat & Pete Luboff, these books are easy to read and full of great information on the craft of songwriting!


Writing Better Lyrics
by Pat Pattison
Writer's Digest Books

If you have questions about metaphor, meter, structure, rhyme scheme or anything related to lyric writing, the answers are all here and all in one place. Pat Pattison is a teacher in the highest sense of the word -- he not only tells us what we can do, he shows us how to do it.

Rhyming Techniques & Strategies
Berklee Press

This interactive workbook explains the art of the rhyme, why we use it, how it works -- then presents helpful exercises for highest development of this crucial element in lyric creation.


"100 Miles To A Record Deal"
by Bronson Herrmuth

Catfish Dancin' Books & Music

A Manual of Reference for the working Musician, Band, Artist or Songwriter


"Edly's Music Theory for Practical People"
by Ed Roseman

Entertaining and informative look at practical music theory. Lots of interesting ideas to help us understand composition and how to write better songs.

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