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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I connect with other songwriters, lyricists, poets, music composers, musicians, singers, song publishers or recording artists?

A: Go the the Connections page to find listings for music industry contacts — songwriters, lyricists, music composers, musicians, singers, song publishers and recording artists. (More listings are available at Songwriters Resource Network, our parent website.)

Q: How can I learn to develop my lyric writing and market my songs?

A: To succeed as a lyricist in today's music industry, you'll need to know how to write great lyrics. You'll also need t learn how to present your songs to the music industry. The first step is to read related articles in the News & Articles section of this website. Also, check out the Great Books For Songwriters.


Would you like to get your song lyrics to top music-industry professionals? Would you like to make connections, discover opportunities and open doors in the music business?

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